About the Working Poor Families Project

The Working Poor Families Project is a national initiative focused on state workforce development policies involving: 1) education and skills training for adults; 2) economic development; and 3) income and work supports. The WPFP supports state cheap authentic nhl jerseys nonprofit groups to engage in a two-part, phased process that begins with an in-depth assessment of the economic conditions and state policies affecting working families and is followed by actions to strengthen those conditions and policies.

The state policy assessment process is conducted the first year a state nonprofit joins the WPFP. The assessment uses a framework of indicators provided by the WPFP to examine current economic conditions and related state policies and programs. This examination culminates in a cheap nhl jerseys State Policy Assessment Report that points out where a state’s investments and policies stand in relation to other states and the nation. Most importantly, the report recommends actions for improving state policies and program operations.

Following the release of the state report, WPFP groups engage in the Strengthening State Policy Initiative that involves educating key stakeholders on the opportunities to improve state workforce development systems and policies. Each group develops a policy cheap jerseys agenda then works to implement that agenda with other stakeholders such as community-based organizations, state and local nonprofit groups, associations of education providers, employers, and state agencies.

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